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History & Notes


Testing two different 500A shunt sources and types - a larger 50mv and a smaller 75mv which I'm hoping is the better option
INA237 ESPHome Component by @bruxisma -


23.08.23 - Changes up to this point
  • Switched to INA237 from MAX9612 due to misinterpretation of datasheet information
    • MAX9612 stated "inverting" which I thought to mean bi-directional readings, but it does not and makes both the MAX9612/9611 inappropriate for this use case.
    • INA237 requires a software component to be written for ESPHome - as of now we have some of it done, but the data is very noisy and we aren't making use of on-board averaging and conversion time settings. Hoping this can be done within the next couple weeks.
  • Changed to a larger, more user friendly spring connector
  • MOSFET was reversed and is now correctly working in latest batch
  • Latest batch only works with FLIP-C3 that was ordered with it
  • Two batches were run with 23.06b despite major changes between the two - latter version has mode switch for INA237 hot/cold
  • Only tested as hot-side shunt - working to setup test install as cold-side which should be default.


coming soon - version/batch numbers not yet established or messed up