More Coming Soon

We make a lot of 3D printable models with the intent of sharing them freely. The latter is hard because of ADHD so things are generally behind here. We're working on it.

There are a few on Printables for now:

User Parameters in Fusion 360

We have been trying lately to design models that have a more wide use case and in doing so we've been building our models via parameters so that they can generate properly in different sizes or for variants of the thing it's for.

For example: a drill holder is designed relative to an inner diameter that is relevant to a measurement from the drill itself. Providing a spot to specifically to change that inner diameter value allows me to adapt it the design for it's sister driver or you to adapt it to your version of the tool.

When the F3D files are available and user parameters are used, you can open the "Modify" menu while in the Design workspace to see "Change Parameters" near the bottom. Clicking it will show a table of User Parameters that you can change by clicking the value and modifying it. You should see the design change in real time in the background after values are entered.

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