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Upon powering your FLIP_C3 via the DC connector or the USB-C port, it will flash a red LED and create a WiFi network named flip-c3-xxxx. You can connect to this network with password GenericPassword. It should automatically present you page to select your WiFi network, but if not, visit in your browser.

Check your Home Assistant notifications or Integrations page to adopt your FLIP_C3 as an ESPHome device.


If you have the Bluetooth integration active in Home Assistant, you may be able to adopt your FLIP_C3 into Home Assistant immediately upon powering. This is a new feature that is being implemented.


It may behoove you to adopt into ESPHome and add your additional configuration before adopting into Home Assistant. Until you adopt into ESPHome, you will only have access to the following entities:

  • 1x RGB LED

  • 1x Red Status LED

  • BOOT Button on GPIO9

  • Reboot Button

  • Hours Counter* (some installs)

  • FLIP_C3 Internal Temperature

If you change the friendly name or hostname in ESPHome, you may need to delete and re-adopt the device into Home Assistant for these changes to be seen.

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